So, what is TFP ?
Time For Print: A photo session were either the photographer or the model charge anything for their work. It is a co-operation to build both portfoilo and experience for both parts.
At the moment I am looking for models so I can increase my portfolio and experience.


I like to take pictures of all kinds but I like when the pictures is almost telling a story. When someone looks at the picture, I want them to start thinking... what happend before the picture was taken. What is about to happend? Why is she dressed like that? I like when the pictures are alittle different in one way or another, to try to stick out alittle.


Most of the time we have decided on a theme we would ike to do together (apart from when it is a small test shoot)
I have several ideas I would like to realize, if I find a suitable model, that will work with the theme.
I am always interested in hearing the models ideas and themes...always open for suggestions etc.


The most common scenario for a TFP shoot, is that them model bring their own clothing items, makeup etc.
In cases somethng is missing to realize a them I am happy to help out both with the clothing and make up.


It is always good if the model have practiced alittle infront of the mirrow before a photo session. My good friend Max L. have found a greate little program that have 100s of different poses. You van run it right here, or you can download a zip file here.

Model / Photographer Release:

Before a TFP session a release is sigened by both the model and the photographer. The release states the names and contact information of both parties. What the pictures can be used for. Normally the release is signed when photograper on model meet for a session. When the model in under the age of 18, a family member have to sign the release prior to the session.
When the model in under the age of 18, a family member have to sign the release prior to the session.
You can download my release here
The release I use is a very basic standard relase.
Please do not hessitate to contact me if you need more information or have any questions.

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